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amos 3:6 meaning

].” Nor is it merely the mortification of any besetting sin that we should aim at, but an entire conformity of mind and will to God. Therefore I am justified in following the devices and desires of my own heart.” Wherever there is moral evil, one thing is clear and sure, “The Lord hath not done it”; it was the sinner’s own doing. 1. Verse 6. ].”], 4. We should, therefore, go to God under our trials, and ask him “wherefore he contendeth with us [Note: Job 10:2. ], and which may render us, in a more perfect manner, “partakers of God’s holiness [Note: Hebrews 12:10. The poison-germ may be in the air, but everything depends on conditions of development, and these, in measure, are in our control. they must, they usually are, lest their lives, and their children's, should be taken away, and their substance become a prey to the enemy: or, "and the people not run together" F6; into some one place for shelter, or to consult together how to provide for their safety, and secure themselves from danger. It becomes us to acknowledge that all the evils we suffer come from God. We should desire to be “made perfect through our sufferings,” even as the Lord Jesus Christ himself was [Note: Hebrews 2:10. We talk, and pray, and teach, as if it had no natural cause, obeyed no natural laws. The prophets would prophesize a threat of evil -- i.e. Comparative famine and the pestilence. "Commentary on Amos 3:6". One of the most subtle modes of charging God with abetting wickedness is by abusing the doctrines of grace. Figure of speech Erotesis. The intemperate will think anything the cause of their illness rather than their intemperance. Amos 3-6 English Standard Version (ESV) Israel's Guilt and Punishment. "Commentary on Amos 3:6". 5. YHWH speaks, vv. But every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed [Note: James 1:13-14. He may permit it and overrule it. The consciousness of sinfulness will lead you to submit to personal trial as Job did. 2. 1859. And the people not be afraid] Or run together to make resistance? 1599-1645. We know very little about the life of Amos. Hence they strove to propitiate him by sacrifice and prayer. The Lord frequently makes a distinction in times of calamity between those who are His people and those who are not. III. BibliographyClarke, Adam. Sin is the transgression of the law. Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall a trumpet be blown] sc. (Joseph Peer, M. In open and visible judgments this is true also. There is a great variety of evil in the world: but God is the author of it all. Yet a visitation of chastening mercy (Isaiah 45:7; Jeremiah 5:9; Jeremiah 5:12). We know nothing … shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done [it]? BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. We must go higher. . For this the Church itself may be answerable. 2. Trace the history of causes and effects in God’s Word. Amos 3:6. I. Confide in the protection of god in the midst of national danger. BibliographyHaydock, George Leo. Sometimes to punish, sometimes to reward. With what feelings God’s dealings with nations should be regarded. By evil understand the evil of punishment. As individuals, have we listened to the warning trumpet? A.). Vv 3-8: Amos asked seven rhetorical questions in vv 3-6 to help the Israelites appreciate the inevitability of their judgment. God deals thus in the way of punishment and correction. You will not find anywhere a greater sufferer than Job: men, devils, elements, all conspired against him. It could not be the work of any of their common gods. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. will he not visit for these things, and be avenged on such a city, and the inhabitants of it? God does send natural evil or calamity; and why? Amos 3:6 Trumpets symbolize a loud, warning cry of impending danger. So then God explains through the prophets the punishment which He purposes to bring on people.”. A. ← Amos 3:6 Full Chapter Amos 3:8 → 7 Want die Here Here Here Here doen niks tensy Hy sy raadsbesluit aan sy knegte, die profete profete , geopenbaar het nie. Again, it has been proved that want of a continual supply of pure water is the fruitful cause, not only of cholera, but of half the diseases that decimate the poor. ].” The same truth was put in a way of appeal even to the enemies of God; and that, too, at a time when he was denouncing against them the heaviest judgments. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/bul/amos-3.html. Against the whole family - That is, all, both the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. App-6. We should learn to acknowledge the hand of God in the chastening visits of His providence, and humble ourselves before Him as parts of a guilty nation. . And there are judgments of the Lord still afflicting us. God, in His displeasure, sends them upon you. When the sound of alarm is trumpeted by the watchman in the city, the people are sure to run to and fro in alarm, (Hebrew, literally.) The defection of the ten tribes from Rehoboam may well be considered as originating in the tyranny of that weak monarch, and in his following the infatuated counsels of the young men, rather than the judicious counsels of the old. The evil spoken of in the text is not criminal evil, but the punishment that follows the commission of sin and all the inconveniences which accompany it. II. We might as well have no God as no providence. Shall there be evil in a city - Shall there be any public calamity on the wicked, that is not an effect of my displeasure? The important lesson to be drawn from the fact, “the Lord hath done it.” No individual, no Church, no minister is free from a share in the national sins. The Divine purpose in permitted evil. Fortunately, though the supernatural theory is taught, it is not generally acted upon. Cholera as a judgment. God says, Find out My laws, and accord with them your action, and My judgment will become to you not punishment but blessing. All rights reserved. It is the evil of what is done or thought or said by a moral agent, contrary to the rule of moral conduct laid down for him by God, his moral Governor. Calamities do not occur in cities unless God has either initiated or permitted them. And he has told us, that he will deal thus with his children in every age, “visiting their transgression with the rod, and their iniquity with stripes, even when it is not his intention utterly to take away his loving-kindness from them [Note: Psalms 89:30-33. . Each of us belongs to a country which has its claims upon him, in return for the benefits he receives from it. The commercial distress of the times. This is God’s love in judgment. - Evil is of two sorts, evil of sin, and evil of punishment. "E.W. Some there were that said, God had not sent the prophets to denounce those evils, but that they had done it of their own volition, as we say. II. The trumpet blown in the city is intended to cause alarm. They all come with His knowledge; they all come by His permission; they all come by His appointment. What is moral evil? And some of his unhappy offspring have gone yet further, “and thought God altogether such an one as themselves” (Psalms 50:21). As surely as the roaring of a lion betokens that he has seized his prey; or the capture of a bird that the snare had been set for him; or the blowing of a trumpet the approach of danger; so surely should the evils coming on his disobedient people mark the indignation of God against them: “Shall there be evil in the city, and the Lord hath not done it?”. "Commentary on Amos 3:6". There is abundant New Testament support for separation from unbelief (2 Cor. It is a good thing to stand in awe of God’s messengers, and to tremble at his judgments, while they yet hang in the threatenings. The world is composed of good and evil. shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done [it]? It becomes us to acknowledge that all the calamities we feel or fear are most just. Meaning not any trumpet blown, as the silver trumpet for the gathering of the people to worship, or the jubilee trumpet, which proclaimed liberty to them, or any other, expressive of joy and gladness; but the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war, or what is blown by the watchmen on the walls, descrying an enemy, or some danger, near: and the people not be afraid? App-44. While God leaves sinners to take such a course as their own evil hearts desire, He overrules or controls their sin for the accomplishment of His own will. Nothing can take place without God’s knowledge. The duty of intercession with god for the removal of national calamity. God is pleased to work in a great variety of ways: for instance, 1. shophar. Man is free to act, God directs the blow. Of some special sin repented of, “covered,” the sorrow, the consequent “evil” may remain. God himself cries, his voice deserves much more attention than the trumpet which fills men’s minds with dread; and yet it is a sound uttered to the deaf. the evil of punishment he will execute and bring upon Israel; he will by the hands of the Assyrians in due time execute it. Then God cannot in any way, directly or indirectly, be the author of sin. It may tell of an approaching army. Case of Pharaoh (Exodus 9:14-16); and Tyre (Isaiah 23:9-11). The evil of sin, or moral evil, is from ourselves; it is our own doing; but the evil of trouble and suffering for sin, individual and national, is from God, is His doing, whatever be the immediate instruments by which He chooses to inflict it. Among the Israelites idolatry was a great and prevailing sin, and many of the calamities which came upon them came because they gave God’s glory unto other gods, and His praise unto graven images. In the conduct of Amnon and of Absalom, we see how God marked David’s sin in its punishment. Had they succeeded in this effort, they had proved to demonstration, that Jesus was an impostor. When the sound of alarm is trumpeted by the watchman in the city, the people are sure to run to and fro in alarm (Hebrew, literally). Let us reply to the revilings of a malignant enemy, “The Lord hath bidden him curse me [Note: 2 Samuel 16:10-11. The first example ( Amos 3:3) had no element of force or disaster about it. His Word often appeals to this faculty of fear. We have not done enough when we have accounted for disease from the state of the atmosphere, for the desolations of the storm from the theory of the winds, for deficient crops from blight and grub and mildew.

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