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norway in december

Due to the Gulf Stream, the west coast of Norway rarely drops below zero. Our trip could not have been any better thanks to you and your services. In addition to that December is a month without sunlight in the north part of Norway. Visiting Norway in the Winter is a completely different experience to visiting in the Summer. Great service despite a last minute booking by us. Others may seek the … Many tourists would trade anything just to get to see the northern … How sunny is it in Norway in December? Set in a cylindrical vault, the mausoleum is said to be Oslo’s best-kept secret. You can see them best in Northern Norway, or you could spend a few nights on a Hurtigruten cruise along the country’s picturesque west coast. View Map. If you want to experience a Norway winter like no other, visit the charming cities of Alta and Tromso, in the northern part of the country. In Bergen and Stavanger, it is higher with an average of 3°C (37°F) and 6°C (43°F) respectively. Another interesting structure that’s worth a visit to Norway is the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso. All aboard! If you decide you want to add extra nights at a certain location, for example, your personal Nordic Visitor travel consultant will be happy to make suggestions and modify your itinerary. Furthermore, Nordic Visitor has long-standing professional relationships with local tour operators, which are carefully selected by our staff and are recognized for consistent, quality service. Be sure and stop by for a visit. Can you imagine a Norway winter back then without the conveniences we have today? Southern Norway is considered a summer island paradise, while Fjord Norway is a popular destination all year round. And the sights unforgettable especially the troll road. Your choice of hotels could not have been any better. What a dream and delight to have Nordic Visitor always gratefully guiding us forward to endless pleasures and extraordinary past-times. All of the trips ran very smoothly. This means the best places to go for viewing the aurora borealis are the Arctic towns of Tromsø or Kirkenes. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Norway in December: Christmas markets in December A winter road trip in Norway is a tempting prospect for many, but serious consideration needs to be given to your driving ability and the expected weather conditions. You certainly will not run out of things to do in Norway. Head to Northern Norway with a stay in Tromsø or Kirkenes for your best chances of seeing them. You can read my article about it here: Ovre-Holmegate Stavanger, Norway’s Nottinghill. I would like to commend Kolbrun very highly for all the preparation she helped us to fit in with what we wanted. Alta is located above the Arctic Circle and is best known for its stunning views of the Northern Lights and Finnmarksløpet, which is the longest sled dog race in Europe. Kolbrun was extremely helpful and efficient, answering my queries promptly including a question about our vouchers which arose whilst we were in Norway. Every city has a secret and this is one of Oslo’s. As a travel agency founded in the Nordic region, Nordic Visitor knows how to make the most of your time in Norway. 🌎Traveled every 6 weeks of my life for 25 years 🛫 to 93 countries Outstanding overall service. We were very impressed. These include access to our 24/7 helpline, a detailed personal itinerary, helpful travel guide and daily breakfast. Everything worked like clockwork. A stunning country that we were able to fully experience thanks to your package that pre booked accommodation and transfer. Good to know: The Norwegian experts at Nordic Visitor will make sure your itinerary is tailored to your taste. Check the northern lights off your bucket list. The climate is rather … When to expect sunrises, sunsets, northern lights .. Whatever you’re wondering about visiting Norway in December, we’re here to answer your most commonly asked questions. (Closed certain periods due to maintanance in December… There has never been a library I didn’t like. Amazing job! We offer a variety of tours — both independent and guided — that include the must-see attractions as well as lesser-known highlights that are hand-picked by our own Norway travel experts. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December… See our options for exploring Norway below. I would strongly recommend Nordic Visitor to my family & friends. In Oslo, the sun rises around 9:00 AM and sets at 15:20 PM. Here is a list of packing essentials for your Norway trip in December: If your tour includes activities like dog sledding or snowmobiling, you may also wish to bring glove liners, a balaclava and maybe even warmer heat packs. But the most interesting thing about this is the thought that you will be stepping on the same footprint that the Vikings once stepped over thousands of years ago! Many people assume that since Tromso is so high up north, it must be super cold in the winter. There are lots of branded shopping and plenty of places to have a cozy drink. We were very impressed with the entire experience and feel it was also a good value. We would very much like to thank Petra for all her help with the tour. How are you guys doing this weekend? So come along with me as I explore 16 Amazing Things To Do In Norway During a Norway Winter. But after visiting Manitoba to swim with the beluga whales and to see the polar bears, I realized that even though I saw the Northern lights from there, Norway wasn’t as cold as Manitoba, Canada was! Read these, Find out more about Norway’s climate with this, Not sure when to go to Norway? Wow! Here in Norway the weather is a key for your experience. Were a lot of places closed for winter or did most everything stay open? It was an extremely well planned tour, the mapping was clear and distances reasonable. #AD So, hey! December is an excellent time to visit Norway to take part in their festive season. Enjoy personal service from Norway travel experts. Be sure and read: Other Things to do in Oslo. Read about my climb to Pulpit Rock/ Preikestolen, Tromsø, NorwayPhoto by Maria Michelle via Creative Commons (Pixabay). Between May and September, you could also join a guided group tour, go hiking and experience the midnight sun. You will find interesting mosaics sparkling inside and its facade is made entirely of glass that has a huge crucifix. Travel to Norway in December to see the beautiful natural sights covered in snow. We appreciate all the efforts Bjarni went through to make sure that our tour was very enjoyable. Driving in Norway in winter is likely to be different than what you’re used to back home, even if you’ve experienced snowy, icy conditions before. It was a perfect way to travel and see the country, and Bjarni was prompt and helpful throughout all communications. The “northern lights belt” (also called “aurora belt”) passes directly through Northern Norway. Definitely one of the best holidays we have had! Note that although the season for snowfall runs December … Explore Norway, guided or on your own, by car, cruise or train. In the Nordic countries, they have a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. I also understand how everyone wants to go to Norway in the Summer to enjoy the warmer weather, hike through the fjords, and to stay in a cabin along the coast. As December is a winter month, the weather is usually cold. Sure, the days are short and the winter temperatures start to get chilly, but there’s a lot to love about spending holidays in Norway in December. Sindre's expert assistance enabled us to enjoy and experience time visiting exciting landmarks and activities, with efficient transportation at a great savings on ticket costs and time. Norway's peak season for the Northern Lights is between September and March, though that's to do more with the long, dark nights at this time of year rather than an increase in solar activity. I cannot rate this tour highly enough... Nordic Visitor was recommended to me by my travel agent (a personal friend) who had received very good reports from another client. Tour was a great value. We've enjoyed many of the excursions you've recommended and are grateful for the expertise of your staff who planned our trips. In most locations north of Equator, the shortest day of the year is around this date. A local mentioned that we had seen more of Norway than many Norwegians. The scenery was amazing and the people we met on the Tour were very friendly. Head to, Interested in more road trip ideas? Since its location is so hideously north, the island registers aurora activity with only a slight whiff of geomagnetic activities. Norway is one of the most beautiful and varied countries you will ever visit. When in Oslo, take time to drop by at the Oslo Cathedral, one of the main attractions in the city and a popular Norway landmark. Travel update (Covid-19) | Book With Confidence - flexible terms for selected 2021 deals, Iceland At the Viking Ship Museum, you will learn more about the history of these ships and other fascinating stories about the Vikings. The cathedral was built in 1965 by architect Jan Inge Hovig. The temperatures in Oslo in December are significantly low averaging -2°C (28°F) and when the sun does come out, it will be only for one hour. Head west to admire the glittering fjords, such as, Stay in charming Norwegian locations such as. Get peace of mind with a 24/7 helpline during your stay. In terms of daylight, this day is 12 hours, 56 minutes shorter than on June Solstice. Helena resolved a few queries we had about travel arrangements very efficiently. Location and proximity of hotels to train stations and town/city centres was excellent. The cable car is open every day from 9am - 5pm. We will treasure our memories (and photos). Explore this archipelago as you wish. What can you visit during this time of year? The production figures for oil in … Before I went to Norway, I had always thought that it was way too cold to visit Norway in the winter. And weather is impossible to predict. The narrow alleyways in between the colorful buildings are also worth exploring during a Norway winter. Some journeys allow you to enjoy the most scenic views of the country, such as the Bergen Railway. Daily high temperatures decrease by 3°F, from 33°F to 30°F, rarely falling below 19°F or exceeding 42°F.. Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from … Top marks to Kolbrún who was excellent, well informed and gave advice which was much appreciated. Viking Ship Museum: The Vikings have traveled through the rivers of Norway in their longships during ancient times. The hotels were outstanding in all respects, particularly the Hotel Continental in Oslo. December Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 11:02 am in Oslo. This is why we recommend summer road trips to Norway instead. It can be a hit or miss regarding snow in December, but at higher altitudes snow starts to cover the rugged landscape. We found Norway to be very beautiful and the people were so friendly and welcoming. Norway in December: Travel Tips, Weather, and More | kimkim Both trips with Nordic Visitor have been beyond expectations. Learn how your comment data is processed. Today, it's time to explore more of Oslo. Among many other locations in Norway, Bergen and Trondheim also host markets from November until around 22 December. The Tour was wonderful. With the polar nights in the north, it’s the ideal time to come chase the northern lights! There is plenty to do and your days in Norway could be filled with fun excursions and exploration. Having a planned self drive gave us freedom and structure at the same time. Come prepared for all type.. What‘s the weather like in Norway? In the capital and in Tromsø, the average temperature is -3°C (27°F) in December. There is something incredible and magical about snow and ice. The level of personal service was excellent by all staff. We’re here for you in case of unforeseen circumstances. We found all the people we were in contact  most helpful and friendly. Home to the largest collection of sculptures and paintings, the National Gallery also displays some of the most popular works of Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and Pablo Picasso. December can often be hit or miss with snow and is very, very dark, while January is cold. Add excursions like dog sledding or snowmobiling to your tour or even shore excursions to your cruise. In the north, the sun doesn’t rise at all thanks to the polar nights. The trip was a 40th birthday present for me and my husband, with our children, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it - even more than we had expected to! Tromso is the perfect Norway winter destination. Oh, and we can customise your itinerary! With the midnight sun and Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in the North, striking blue seas in the South, viking ships in the … In december, maximum temperature is 34°F and minimum temperature is 27°F (for an average temperature of 31°F). Both times the Nordic Visitor Travel consultants were very prompt & responsive, thorough & professional. I know your company only works in the nordic countries, but we hope you know of similar companies in other areas of Europe you could recommend to us. Taste local delicacies and buy high-quality craft as souvenirs. In the capital and in Tromsø, the … Norway in a budget – Local tips for cheap Norway travel The most interesting things to do in Bergen in winter (indoors and outdoors) Published: December 2018, Updated: September 2019. It passes through the Hardangervidda plateau and the Dovre Railway whisks you through the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley. Winter in Tromso is considered from December until late March. It is the “hipster” part of town near the port and the fish market. This is not only because it is one of those places where you can catch the Northern Lights, but also because of its majestic mountains, narrow fjords, and seabird colonies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why is the earliest sunset … Most places were still open when I was there! It was very comforting to be able to contact our travel consultant via e-mail prior to travel and while traveling when we had questions. We were very keen to stay in Trondheim for our last night and Petra/Nordic Visitor did everything they could to achieve this. 👩🏻‍💻Luxury Travel Content Creator & Doctor The information given was very comprehensive and useful. From December through March, the nights are long in northern … Take the wheel for an awe-inspiring journey. Beside the viewing platform, there is a panoramic restaurant that serves "fish in the mountains" and other local specialities. In Norway in December, the average temperature is around 0°C (32°F). You may expect some snow during your tour of Norway in December. We had many upgrades and I believe that Bjarni was instrumental in making those happen. December is a great month for a winter vacation in any of the Scandinavian countries, whether that's Norway, Denmark, or Sweden. the accommodations were excellent. This medieval-era cathedral is a “do not miss” during your Norway winter visit to Stavanger, located in the core of downtown Stavanger. The best ever vacation! It was a great experience! As December coincides with the winter solstice, you can expect the shortest days and longest nights of the year.

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